EARTHS TO COME (VR THEATRE)Venice Biennale College Immersive Cinema, 2024

EARTHS TO COME (NYC)Media/Performance collaboration, Baryshnikov Arts Center NYC, 2023

BERIO'S SINFONIAMulti-channel live projection with Roomful of Teeth, Oregon Symphony, 2020 (COVID- Cancelled)

MING PANORAMA & CCBA (PORTLAND CHINA TOWN MUSEUM)Commissioned Animated installations, Portland Chinatown Museum, 2018

MING PANORAMA & CCBA (OREGON HISTORICAL SOCIETY)Commissioned Animated installations, Oregon Historical Society, 2016

ANIMATE TURANGALILAMulti-channel live projection, Commissioned Oregon Symphony, 2016

ILLUMINATION #18 Channel animated installation at Mariner's Building/Society Hotel, Portland, 2014

POETICS & PUBLIC SPACESolo Show at Brian Oliver Gallery, Spokane, Washington, 2014

INTRA MUROSAnimated Tri-screen public installation: Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, 2013

A&I BUILDINGPrototype for Multi-channel installation, Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC, 2012

INTRA MUROS (TORONTO)Animated 5-channel public installation; Nuit Blanche, Toronto, 2011

MIGRATIONWork Sound Gallery, Portland, 2011

BROADSIDED!Animated 9-channel public installation; Animated Exeter Film Festival, UK 2010

INTRA MUROS (UTRECHT)Animated 7-channel public installation; Holland Animation Film Festival, 2008

GATES OF LIGHTPermanent HD animated installation; Museum at Eldridge Street, NYC, 2007

INTRA MUROSAnimated 12-channel public installation; Platform International Animation Festival, 2007

WARD OF COURT: COUNTY OF ORIGINMulti-channel Animation/Dance collaboration; Portland, 2006

GATES OF LIGHTAnimated 8-channel public installation; Eldridge Street Synagogue, NYC, 2004

ILLUMINATION #1Animated 9-channel public installation, Portland Oregon, Fall 2002 & May 2003

SALISH WORLD - SACRED ENCOUNTERS2 minutes of animation for tri-screen projection in Salish World module; Bozeman, 1993; Vancouver 1993; Los Angeles, 1994; Indianapolis, 1995; Tacoma, 1996

PAINTED FILM STRIPSPainted 35 mm filmstrips; Art Mode Gallery, Ottawa, 1994

PEEP SHOWSuper8 animated installation; Name Gallery, Chicago, 1990


MING PANORAMA2018, 4.5 minutes; 2.5-D Drawn & composite animated documentary

ELECTROFLUX2008, 9 minutes; 35mm; Drawn & composite animation

WARD OF COURT: COUNTY OF ORIGIN2007, 37 minutes; Collaborative performance with video and dance

STUDIO SUPERFLAT2006, 2:30 minutes; 2-D Animated Promotional for PNCA

MEMORIA MORTALIS2000, 10 minutes; 35 mm; 2-D Digital Memoir Collage

CELTIC TRILOGY1998, 52 minutes; Video; Compilation DVD with films and mini-documentary

RAIN TILES1997, 30 seconds; Video; Amiga 2-D animated PSA

DEIRDRE'S CHOICE1995, 23 minutes; 35 mm; Direct Animation in English & Irish language

REMOTE CONTROL1992, 2 minutes; 16 mm; Drawn & cut-out animation

MACHA'S CURSE1990, 10 minutes; 35 mm; Direct animation on 35 mm

CLITO CYCLE1990, 2 minutes; Super8; Drawn animation for installation

CERRIDWEN'S GIFT1986, 10 minutes; 16 mm; Direct animation on 35 mm

NEXUS1984, 6 minutes; 16 mm; Direct animation on 35 mm

GAIA'S DREAM1982, 3 min; Direct animation on 16 mm

POWER PLAY1979, 3 min; Super 8; Drawn on index cards

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Available Titles:

  • Broadsided!
  • Intra Muros (Utrecht)
  • Electroflux
  • Gates of Light
  • Illumination #1
  • Celtic Trilogy