Gates of Light

2004 and 2007, 12 minute loop with sound; Color, Composite Animation; Museum at Eldridge Street, New York City, NY

Rose Bond’s Bloomberg commissioned media piece, Gates of Light is now a permanent installation at the newly restored Museum at Eldridge Street in New York City. Situated in and springing from Manhattan’s storied Lower East Side, Bond’s animated installation evokes a haunting vision of the 120-year-old Eldridge Street Synagogue and its dynamic immigrant neighborhood.

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Gates of Light, re-contextualized for interior projection, is be on continuous view in the Museum’s Gural-Rabinowitz Family History Center. Gates of Light was commissioned by the Eldridge Street Project and sponsored by Bloomberg LP with additional support from Jeffrey Gural and Barbara Koz Paley.The innovative musicians of the Portland-based band 3 Leg Torso created an original music score for the piece.

The Museum at Eldridge Street is located at 12 Eldridge Street, New York City.

In Gates of Light (2004), a synagogue tells its story—Bond’s piece derives its power from shared experience … more than evoking one neighborhood, Gates of Light tells the story of the city itself: Everything changes. —Time Out New York, July 2004

“We don’t have this kind of movie in China.” —Chen Xue Zhack, quoted in the New York Sun, April 2004

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Director, Animator: Rose Bond

Composite Artist: Zak Margolis

Original Music: 3 Leg Torso

Sound Design: Co O’Neill

DVD Programming: Steve Farris



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Jeffrey Gural and Barbara Koz Paley

Eldridge Street Project

Executive Director: Amy Waterman

Development Director: Eva Bruné

Press Coordination: Amy Stein Milford

Gates of Light was commissioned by the Eldridge Street Project and sponsored by Bloomberg LP.


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