Animate Turangalîla

2015, 1:20 minutes, Live projection, Oregon Symphony

A 10 minute excerpt from Rose Bond's animated mapped projection for Olivier Messiaen's mid century avant garde masterpiece Turangalîla-Symphonie composed in 1948 - a collaboration with the Oregon Symphony under the baton of Carlos Kalmar with the brilliant Steven Osborne on piano and Cynthia Millar on ondes martenot. The entire piece at approx 75 minutes was performed live in December 2016 at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland Oregon.

Supported in part by a Creative Heights Grant from The Oregon Community Foundation and Umpqua Bank.


"We took to our feet to express our gratitude in the only way audiences know how. We stood, we clapped, we roared, we went outside to smoke and talk about how we had all just experienced something Real, something Special, something beyond words, something we'll talk about for years."

Matthew Andrews, Portland composer and percussionist. ArtsWatch, December 2016

"The synesthesiac explosion that is the Turangalila Symphony is a ripe candidate for dynamic visualization, and this project presents a technically impressive attempt at engaging the visual senses in accord with the music. The research and care put into the visual translation of Messiaen's manic tonality and polyrhythms, and the focus placed on creating an experience of synesthesia, rather than an experience about synesthesia, is powerful and fun."

Juror 2, SEGD National Digital Experiences Award 2019

Steve Farris, Rose Bond and Andrew Wade Smith in the projection booth at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall.

Rose Bond and Steve Farris programming and testing the projection with small pico projectors in Rose’s studio.

Director/Lead Animator: Rose Bond

Artist/Lead Animator: Zak Margolis

Technical Director: Steve Farris

Projection Design Consultant: Andrew Wade Smith

Animation students and alums from PNCA's Animated Arts department included: Grayson Bear, Arianna Gazca, Sarah Hickey, Kathryn McAnalley, Makai Mendiola, Carla Meilnik, Teagan Smiley Wolfe, Ari Stramel, John Summerson, Micah Weber.