Ming Panorama - Jiaoyou Iun

2018, 4.5 minute loop installation

2.5-D Drawn & composite animation

Permanent Exhibit at Portland Chinatown Museum

127 NW 3rd Avenue Portland Oregon

Drawn in the style of Chinese street prints Rose Bond’s Ming Panorama (Jiaoyou Iun, or A Treatise on Friendship) opens the Beyond the Gate exhibition with a fabled multicultural encounter between European Jesuits and the Middle Kingdom’s ruling elite during the 17th century Ming Dynasty.

ABOUT Beyond the Gate

A compelling 2,400 square foot multi-media exhibition combining original research, newly discovered artifacts, oral histories, animated film, video and audio components, and dramatic vignettes. Beyond the Gate tells a powerful story of Oregon’s early Chinese immigrants who built the second largest Chinatown in America, despite six decades of Chinese Exclusion. The exhibit opened at the Oregon Historical Society in 2016 and found a permanent home in 2018 at the Portland Chinatown Museum.

The exhibition was created by Curator, Dr. Jacqueline Peterson-Loomis with Associate Curator, Jennifer Fang; Exhibition Designer, Carey Wong; Graphic Designer, Bryan Potter Design; Lighting Designer, Geoff Korf. Animations by Rose Bond. Video production by Lawrence Johnson. Fabricated by Formations. AV by Delta AV.

Still from Ming Panorama – a composite of overlapping ink drawings styled upon Chinese street art prints of the nineteenth century.


Concept, animation, direction by Rose Bond

Compositing and effects by Zak Margolis

Soundtrack by Lawrence Johnson Productions