Intra Muros (Zagreb)

Fifty-two works from 16 countries submitted an application to the call for entries for Museum of Contemporary Art's media facade, which was a fantastic collaboration between Animafest and the Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU), named Animation goes MSU. Excerpt from Rose Bond's animated installation on the Media Facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Animafest Zagreb in 2013. Intra Muros was selected for LED façade as a part of Zagreb International Animation Festival in a collaboration with the city's Museum of Contemporary Art.

Intra Muros Porland Image 2

In the Old Zagreb Square

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Animation & Multi Channel Tri-screen: Rose Bond

Music & Sound Design: Judith Gruber-Stitzer

Composite Artist: Zak Margolis

WatchOut Programming: Steve Farris

Curators: Daniel Šuljić & Leila Topić