Animate Turangalila Snags SEGD Award in Digital Experience


“In the initial PR image for the Turangalila, we needed to convey the scope of the projection, audience immersion and that the animation+symphony doesn’t necessarily equate to Fantasia’s dancing hippos.” --Rose Bond

2019 SEGD Awards Austin, Texas


Oregon Symphony

Design Team

Rose Bond (project director, producer, lead animator), Zak Margolis (composite artist and lead animator), Steve Rochelle Farris (production and programming), Andrew Wade (production design consultant) Pacific Northwest College of Art Student & Alumni Animators: Grayson Bear, Arianna Gazca, Sarah Hickey, Kathryn McAnalley, Makai Mendiola, Carla Melnick, Teagan Smiley Wolfe, Ari Stramel, John Summerson, and Micah Weber 

Juror’s Comments

“An excellent collaboration of thoughtful technology and classical music to create the ultimate musical experience.” --Juror 1

“The synesthesiac explosion that is the Turangalila Symphony is a ripe candidate for dynamic visualization, and this project presents a technically impressive attempt at engaging the visual senses in accord with the music. The research and care put into the visual translation of Messiaen’s manic tonality and polyrhythms, and the focus placed on creating an experience of synesthesia, rather than an experience about synesthesia, is powerful and fun.” SEGD Juror 2