Portland Chinatown Museum Opens Beyond the Gate

December 2018

In the heart of Old Town, the Portland Chinatown Museum, itself a gem, opened its first permanent exhibition - Beyond the Gate in December 2018. Using rare and seldom-seen objects like Chinese opera costumes as well as theatrical sets, bilingual text, audiovisual media and animated installations, Beyond the Gate tells a sprawling yet personal transnational story of contact and trade between China and the West, focusing on Portland's Old (1850-1905) and New (1905-1950) Chinatowns, their people and culture.

The exhibition was created by Curator, Dr. Jacqueline Peterson-Loomis with Associate Curator, Jennifer Fang; Exhibition Designer, Carey Wong; Graphic Designer, Bryan Potter Design; Lighting Designer, Geoff Korf. Animations by Rose Bond. Video production by Lawrence Johnson. Fabricated by Formations.

Viewing Rose Bond’s Ming Panorama